The New PANYL Website (with New Products!) is Live...

BIG NEWS, hackers!  The PANYL website has been redesigned with an enhanced purchase flow, tons of new answers to your FAQs and, most importantly, NEW PRODUCTS!!!

This means you can now get your lovely sons and daughters in on the action by PANYLing Ikea's KURA beds and the inexpensive play table and seating solution, LÄTT.  Next week, we'll be showing off a very special KURA hack that was put together by a fellow design blogger.  For now, have a gander at our Red Hot finish in action on the LÄTT collection from our behind-the-scenes shoot this summer.

Not only can you delve into these new products, you can do so with a pair of new finishes, Day-Glo and Ebony, which we'll be discussing more on the blog next week as well.

So, have a click around the site and, as always, let us know your thoughts, thrills and concerns (what concerns, right!?!) right down below in this here blog page.   Your direct comments are also welcomed via the the contact us form.

If you haven't yet done so, get on our e-mail list, hit up our social pages and be ready for an exciting and design-filled fall season with PANYL!