HACKER MATH: Your Favorite Albums + Expedit = TV Stand

IKEA Hackers recently featured an idea from "KP" in Boston who turned an IKEA Expedit TV stand into a unique entertainment station perfect for a music loving vinyl collector In an age when TVs are routinely being mounted to walls, the traditional entertainment center is often viewed as a colossal waste of space.  By using some prints of album covers, KP created Expedit doors that personalize this piece to the owner's taste.

Here’s some insight into KP's process:

The trickiest part, by far, was settling on the right frame. It had to be big enough to hold a 12x12 LP album or image and completely cover an Expedit cube, but small enough that it didn't overlap the outside of the Expedit frame. The frame border also had to be thick enough to screw hinges into it. And the icing on the cake was that the frames couldn't be prohibitively expensive. With these requirements in mind, I settled on three 12 x 12 frames sold by Craig Frames on Amazon. I went with three (instead of five) because as I suspected, there is probably not enough clearance for the frames to swing open if placed adjacent to each other. Still, going with three frames allowed me to buy a pair of Kassetts to going in the remaining slots.

KP opted to print album covers instead of using the record sleeves themselves, thus preserving the records and making sure everything would fit.  Read more about this hack here.