Lovely O'verlays Expedit Hack Using PANYL

Like a parent watching their child score a huge goal on a soccer Sunday, we at PANYL are at our proudest when we see our offspring (read: product) lookin' good in action. Thanks to Danika & Cheryle from O'verlays, that happened last week when they posted a fantastic IKEA Expedit hack using PANYL

The hack, in its finished glory pictured above, features the O'verlays "Greek Key" design with our pre-cut Expedit PANYLs on the interior. From their post:

She liked the look a lot, but was really wanting a bit more color. Her answer to that came from our fellow IKEA hacking friends at PANYL.  They are the creators of an amazing self adhesive vinyl that is pre-cut to fit many IKEA pieces, transforming them with color and texture.  Their product is a snap to use and instantly gives a plain surface a burst of color or texture. Check out their extensive palette here. They normally make pieces to fit the fronts of the Expedit, but she wanted to add color to the insides.

And add color she did. Isn't it delightful with the little ceramic birds?

O'verlays weren't the only lovelies to grace us with a mention last week. Amy and Tessa over at Two Inspire Design did a little PANYL name-dropping in their IKEA customization round-up post:

The colors are amazing–from wood grains to bright oranges and blues and brushed aluminum. They’re apparently easy to install and easy to remove and can be cut to size for patterns.

That they are, Amy and Tessa. That they are!!!