Pair of Expedits Turned TV Stand with Flashy Interior

A great hack popped up on IKEA Hackers last week that turns two Expedit 5-by-1's into a TV stand with little labor. Sarah Quickel of Washington D.C. describes her project which easily transformed the popular IKEA items into an entertainment system that hides cables, holds electronics and provides an eye-catch design element as well:

I had two brown 5x1 Expedit Shelving units. I painted them white. Took out 2 shelves from each unit. I turned them horizontal and laid them flat on top of each other. I went to Home Depot and had a piece of MDF cut to size, which I stenciled and drilled holes in (for hiding av cables). I attached this to the back and voila! For added classiness... I installed IKEA under-cabinet lights on some of the shelves.

That inner wallpaper look is right up our alley and is the exact kind of thing you can try out for minimal cost with PANYL.