Arcade Table IKEA Hack Appeases Wife!

One of our favorite aspects of IKEA Hacking is how it allows an individual to create something that matches his or her specific personality. For Sam Wang that meant turning a coffee table into an awesome retro arcade that resembled a Double7 Arcade Table by Surface Tension. As he explains on his blog, not wanting to pay the £2,799.00 GBP price tag for the real thing set off his research mission.

Not being a woodworking expert, I spent a month just researching what I had to do, and then also had an idea to use stuff sourced from IKEA to hack something together, but it never went beyond a few conceptual sketches and links to items on IKEA.

Then about 6 weeks ago, IKEA was having a sale before the end of financial year and saw a BESTÅ Bench on sale for $25 down from $95 so thought what the heck, if I mess it up, it's only $25... Then saw these INREDA drawers on sale for $5 each!

In the end, Wang produced a unique hack that very smartly also appeases his wife! See, when enemy aliens aren't being killed, the arcade table can be disguised as a regular coffee table.

Check out his website for the step by step on how he created his gaming masterpiece which eventually found it’s way onto Ikea Hackers.