Earn Your Stripes With This Colorful, 10 Minute IKEA Hack

Here's a quick-n-easy IKEA Hack from the British Blog Bright Bazaar. This is the perfect project for those of us short on time and tall on inspiration.

In four steps and 10 minutes you can turn a MALM dresser (which we've seen hacked frequently of late) into a piece that lights up a room using flashes of its pre-existing color scheme.

Step One -- Wipe the drawers clean!

Step Two -- Measure out the desired width of your stripes (note: Simple doesn’t have to mean plain).

Step Three -- Use masking tape to mark the lines. Take your time and do it correctly because, as they say, you're only as good as your tape job (no, they don't actually say that).

Step Four -- Paint between the tape and leave to dry.

The beauty of this project is that you can easily get creative within the framework of its simplicity. You can borrow conceptually from patterns you like and once they are dry, start all over.

PRO-TIP: you don’t even have to mention that it only took 10 minutes.

SUPER PRO-TIP: you can do this with PANYL instead of paint (wink, wink)