VOLTRON Style Hack Uses Expedit, Three Other IKEA Pieces at Once


When someone says they performed an IKEA hack, they usually mean they took ONE piece of IKEA furniture and altered it in some way as to make it unique, more functional, or nicer to look at. In the case of B Wong's room organization hack on Ikea Hackers, however, one IKEA piece was simply not enough.


Wong's goal was to organize a serious toy habit and make it work with his computer space. He plopped VIKA AMON table tops on his EXPEDIT cubes, trimmed some ENTERI and affixed CAPITA legs to them and, as he says, "Voila! All my junk is now organized and I have a ton of desk space."

Come on, B! It's only junk if it's not organized. Once it's on sweet shelving, it's a collection!

Oh, and just in case you didn't get the Voltron reference (it was particularly appropriate considering the toys), click!