MALM Hacked Into Lime Green Gradient Window Seat/Doggy Bed

On any given day, dozens of new IKEA hacks hit the Internet. Some draw more attention for their cost-savings, some for their originality and function, and some, like this MALM turned ombre lime green doggy bed, because they're just plain smokin' lookin'.

If It's Not Baroque blog author Lauren explains that she shortcutted the tufts ("I didn't do the tufting the appropriate way. I just hammered furniture nails down through the fabric into the plywood") but she didn't shortcut much else. The green gradient paint job is executed wonderfully (though it might have been easier with PANYLs, wink wink!) and the dogs, one of whom appears below, seem to love it.

In her post, Lauren promises a reveal later on the blog showing the steps the dogs use to reach the cushion.