$4 IKEA Bike Rack Hack

We know our readers care about sustainability, reuse, and represent an all-around progressive outlook, so I think it's fair to assume that many of you also ride bikes. Bikes have this cool reputation as being alternative even though most people learn how to ride them at a young age.

So this $4 IKEA Bike Rack Hack is probably up your collective alley, n'est pas?

Author Micah of @TheDesignerCoop revels in the simplicity of this hack in his post:

looked all around for a good wall mount rack, but it seemed that they either looked ugly and cheap or cost a whole lot more than I wanted to spend. So I looked under my bed at all the random wood scraps I collect and searched through the Ikea catalog. I think the finished product turned out nicely. It looks clean and simple and only cost me $4.

Unfortunately, Micah didn't tell us what IKEA "scraps" he used. Does anybody recognize them? If so, tell us what they are in the comments!