The Hits Keep Coming: #IKEA Hacking Mentioned in USA Today

Just last week, PANYLblog was gushing about Business Insider's story on our budding hacking culture. We saw this as an another sign of the mainstreaming of #DIY.  Now, an even bigger media outlet is getting in on the hack-tion.

Perhaps the biggest story here isn't the coverage in USA Today (!!!), but that hacking is now part and parcel in the larger conversation about back-to-school.  The article is aimed at outfitting dorm rooms and among the fancy USB strips and new-fangled milk crates are bits about turning regular desks into standing desks and paint that can turn a wall into a whiteboard. From the article:

Since standing desks can run well into four figures, I decided instead to highlight some websites with guidance in case you want to hack one together for your soon-to-be college student. The founder of DIY site Instructables added height to his table legs and reinforced them with steel cross bracing. A developer created a wall-mounted standing desk that cost him only $40 in parts. A editor modded his desk to the perfect height with two stacks of yearbooks. The Ikea Hackers blog has a great roundup of user-submitted designs using parts from the budget-friendly Swedish furniture chain.

If IKEA hacking is in USA Today, it's a safe bet it'll be here tomorrow, too.  Double yay.