Dress Made of 555 IKEA Shopping Bags Lands in Art Exhibition

In the grand scheme of women's fashion, paying $330 for a dress isn't that bad.  The same could be said of spending $330 to craft a piece of fine art such as a sculpture or a framed, large-format photograph.

And considering Ida-Marie Corell landed her $330 dress made of 555 blue IKEA shopping bags in an art exhibition in Switzerland, we'd say she's coming out on top.

From Yahoo!:

Corell's "ID(E)A dress" is part of Oh, Plastiksack!, a group exhibition running through October, about the world's most stigmatized accessory: the plastic bag. The Swiss exhibit features everything from superheros toys preserved in clear plastic freezer bags to suits and furniture made from repurposed to-go bags. But it's Corell's fashion innovation that's attracting all the attention.

"The identity of plastic is multi-faceted," according to Corell who played keyboards for the live exhibition, and donned an Ikea-blue mask over her eyes, as she wrapped the gallery in her dress. She sees the common plastic bag as "a simple piece of trash, an ecological hazard, a symbol of consumerism, and a history-defining invention."

Amen, Ida-Marie, amen.  Upon seeing this creation, though, we couldn't help but recall Will Ferrell in his most gloriously absurd role as Mugatu in Zoolander. In an attempt to undermine his arch, fashion nemesis, Derek Zoolander (played Ben Stiller), Mugatu introduces a new line of clothing made entirely from trash.  Unfortunately, Mugatu's message isn't as impactful as Corell's, but it is worth a rewatch nonetheless.