Answering Important Creative Customer Questions #2

From a brand-building standpoint, there is nothing as helpful as interction with customers -- a real forum for bouncing ideas back and forth. More often than not, that is exactly what the contact form on the PANYL site yields, as was the case with this excellent inquiry from SW last week:

Have you thought about making any doors out of speaker box mesh? That way remotes etc could work without them being open. Good way to hide an xbox!

Well, here are some thoughts, SW:

First, for the record, remote signals go through PANYL, no problem. Now, we're assuming SW is talking about BESTA based on our current product line, and we have tried two solutions to tackle the remote control issue when it comes to BESTA:

1. Use the BESTA TOMBO doors to hide your equipment. We used to have BESTA VARA doors with a single BESTA TOMBO door for electronics. The remote went right through the BESTA TOMBO glass, which had a hardboard insert covered with PANYL.

2. Use the BESTA VARA glass doors, which also permit RC signals readily.

On a separate-but-related note, we have a special Soundsystem hack that we have been waiting to unveil, built using IKEA EXPEDIT inserts and some speaker parts we found in the garbage. Here's the video...