Welcome to the Wishing Well: IKEA's 2013 Catalog Is Here

Once upon a time, children waited around their mailboxes for months on end, anticipating Sears' Winter Catalog. It only took minutes before the entire toy section was marked with circles, initials, and more wishes than a fountain full of pennies at your neighborhood mega-mall.

There's probably an app for that now (actually, IKEA just put out this Catalogue App preview), but the feeling of itemized consumerism and anticipation remains. Enter, IKEA's Catalog. This year's newly released "World of Ideas" is a certified universe: 328 pages and dozens of Android/iPhone multimedia options. Mountains of textiles, shelves, kitchenware and potential hacks await, if the sheer mass of it doesn't overwhelm you.

Fortunately, the Internet understands. pored over the pages and rounded up five trends they spotted while Yahoo! provides the Cliff's Notes version to get you primed for the long crawl down the homemaker's flat-pack rabbit hole.

If the anticipation is getting the best of you, peruse IKEA's 2013 catalog yourself here.