HOT AIR HACK: Up, up and, uh...where's my super glue?

So you think you've explored enough Dora party decorations to give Lewis & Clark a run for their money?

And lost at least one flower-shaped throw to an explosion of glitter?

You have pink nightmares about the Disney princesses chasing you down an aisle of mass-produced paper plates and kazoos!? You're not alone.

There's an entire world out of there of "people with daughters" (or nieces or granddaughters) who may be just as excited as we are about this precious (and clever) IKEA hack from Nicola Pravato. The full details are outlined simply on her tumblr, but essentially, the recipe combines one IKEA Duktig children's tea set with IKEA Väte lights, a little scotch tape, some glue and bakers twine.

It's a fun, summery project that may be a little too complicated for your three-year old to pull off, but just complicated enough to put the challenge of #DIY back into your three-year old's party-planning.