PANYLfaves: A Rose for @EmilyAClark

Photo by Emily A. Clark

Good blogs don't come without some serious hustle, which makes Emily A Clark's blog all the more impressive. A mother of five children and one design business, she's also in the process of decorating a new home in Charlotte, North Carolina, and documenting her many successes for our inspiration.

Whether it's "Stylish Strategies for Clearing Clutter" or "Perfectly Mismatched" outdoor furniture, there's plenty in Emily's world to dig into, so we're glad to see Stylist's profile of her gorgeous new home.

We're especially keen on her floor to ceiling bookshelves with the dark bronze backing. They really make the books pop…and remind us of a little product called PANYL :)

Audio bonus: The Zombies' achingly gorgeous classic from Odessey and Oracle, "A Rose for Emily."