IKEA's "World Without Textiles" Puts Pillows Into Perspective

Even with pillows, plush fabrics and loofahs at our disposal, it's a cold, hard world out there.  As part of IKEA's newest advertising campaign, our favorite furniture store is imagining a world without these very textiles, one which puts into perspective just how made we've got it.

This world without redefines the fabric of our lives, forcing the characters in the video to dress in cardboard and scrub-a-dub-dub with chunks of cactus. Talk about au naturale!  While not as controversial as the 2004 film "A Day Without A Mexican" or as dystopian as the 2007 best-seller "The World Without Us," IKEA's new promo is in the same vein: a gentle reminder to not take anything for granted.

What the video proves above all else? The chance to cuddle with a real life bunny is still the highest desire.