IKEA's Shared Space Blog Puts Customer Contributions on Display

We've written about IKEA's intelligent use of its customers in marketing before and we have implored our contest winners and other PANYLites to send us pics of their PANYLed projects, so it's no surprise that our hearts skipped a beat when we checked back in to find IKEA's continued use of their Shared Space blog that features user contributions utilizing IKEA pieces.

The most recent "Pick of the Week" highlights a company break room complete with EXPEDIT shelves (pictured at top) that appear to be painted yellow (purrrrrr).  Dare I say there's room for PANYL in that photograph, Watson? More importantly, how cool is it that you can wind up on one of IKEA's blogs just by sending in a few photos!?

BROKEN RECORD MOMENT: Send us your photos of PANYLed pieces!!!