PANYLfaves: "Frosta" Collection Includes Hacked IKEA Instruction Manual (!!!)

The elements of a great IKEA hack are as numerous as the possibilities are endless: Is it simple? Is it cost-effective? Is it beautiful? Is it unique? Is it environmentally-friendly? Is it for kids? Adults?

Sometimes, it's a lot of those things. The Frosta series by Swiss designer Andreas Bhend is, as Core 77 puts it, "a collection of three articles of furniture that are made from reconstituted stools of the same name."  This trio receives high marks in the beauty and uniqueness categories -- especially the tree-like Frosta X wall shelf -- but Bhend goes one further than any hack we've posted on PANYLblog by HACKING THE INSTRUCTIONS BOOKLET! (above) ...complete with a smiling man, a few jokes, and an updated tools list.

Oh, and he made a stop-motion video of the hacks, too.