Hooked on Hooks: Stylish New Products for Your Keys and Coats

Pockets: the great hider and keeper of everyday things. Wallets, phones, keys. But there's always a huge relief in unloading these items the minute we walk through the door. It signals "I'm home" as well as "my right buttock is no longer oddly shaped looking." Still, the unloading can be an ugly part of the process (ask anyone with a teenager about the trail of clothing from front door to bedroom). Where should everything go?

Luckily there is a trend toward elegant solutions to containing your valuables and stylishly hanging up your leather jacket or parapluie. Here are a few we've come across lately...

The Butler (above)

Rarely does a wooden box represent the future, but this is one of those cases. The Butler organizer is a functional box of minimalism that subtly and efficiently stores everything in your pockets. It has an iPhone dock and space for routing a charger, as well as places for all the traditional key bowl elements.

Shed Hook

Stark genius can be found in varying the cuts and bends to a piece of sheet metal. These Shed Hooks are modern industrial wall-mounts that offer a place to hang your keys, jacket, scarf and even the day's mail without wasting any space.


The key to a happy home? Typewriter puns, of course! Created by Patrick Kerti for Berlin's ShowRaum, the CMYX series uses a block of plywood and keys from a typewriter to create a classy, upcycled coat rack. Definitely worth writing home about (somebody please help us, we can't stop!)

Bloq UK's Honeycomb

We can't seem to stay away from hexagonal wall storage on this blog or our Facebook wall, and why would we? It's an eye-grabbing shape plucked straight from nature. The Honeycomb from Bloq is custom-made out of wood and can even be finished with bright colors for a kid's room. Mix and match to suit your hallways design's needs.