The Besta Hack Money Can't Buy

Sometimes a hack is created for the purpose of making life simpler, but sometimes the "simpler" part gets lost along the way. Such is the case with House.0's impressive IKEA Besta hack turned entertainment center. The finished product is both immaculate and a true labor of love (and we're just talking about the blog post that summarizes the process!).

Allow us to paraphrase (but, please click through for their fully photographed chain of events):

1. Plan Accordingly: The combinations are infinite, and the ways to arrive at the destination are nearly as numerous. You can try IKEA's Besta Planner or DIY this element too. House.0 used Google Sketchup to design their masterpiece in question.

2. Shop Appropriately: You can check House.0's shopping list to get an idea of how in-depth this hack got.

3. Build the Base: If you've built one IKEA cabinet, you can build them all, right? But, constructing the non-hack elements of this installation was misleading for the House.0 pair, as it was only uphill from there.

4. Drill Everywhere: One of House.0's major hurdles was the lack of holes in the wall panels and aluminum framing. This is one job that an allen wrench alone won't suffice for. 

5. Lighten the Mood: The addition of mood lighting makes an elegant touch to this Besta set-up. House.0 had to splice some wires, but then again their media center might be a liiiiiiiittle larger than most.

6. Mount Up: Even if the original idea behind this hack was to avoid wall-mounting a new flatscreen, the construction itself still needed to be anchored to the wall.

The final result was a gorgeous one and also one that may explain why IKEA thinks getting into the TV market makes sense.