Behind-the-Scenes at a PANYLshoot: PRODUCTS

This is the final post in a set of three chronicling our recent photo as a means of helping customers and PANYLblog readers better understand the newly-introduced PANYL-by-the-foot, custom-cut PANYL, "hack packs," and other products we intend to make available soon. If you missed the first post on MATERIALS or the second post on INSTALLATION be sure to revisit those for more sneak peeks into the near future.

The focus of this post is PRODUCTS. We began by offering PANYL for Expedit, Besta Tombo, Framsta and Ekby, the latter of which came pre-applied. But with the introduction of PANYL-by-the-foot, myriad possibilities arose for the DIYer in you.  Now, we're looking to add new pre-cut PANYL products. One that we are very excited about, not only because some of us are parents but because we know how many IKEA fans are as well, is the LATT table and chairs, photographed here with our "Red Hot" finish.

Because of the durability of the PANYL material we think it will be ideal for kids who are prone to using their mini furnishings as projectiles.  You know, little interior designers in the making :)

We'll also be expanding our Besta offering to include IKEA's VARA (pictured in "Pale Oak") and SHELF UNIT incarnations (below, with interior and exterior PANYLing in our new "Day-Glo" finish).

You can already purchase Vara from us using this price and size chart although it does not appear on as of yet.

And we're not stopping there. MALM dressers and BILLY bookcases are on the way, too. Stay tuned!