Answering Important Creative Customer Questions #1

At PANYL, we'd like to think we've thought of every combination and creative solution offered by the union of our product and IKEA's hardwares. But, when the combinations are infinite, that's just not realistic. Fortunately, our target market is made up of some of the most creative customers on the Internet (!!!) who continue to astound and ultimately inspire us to greater heights.

Below, find two customer questions -- regarding Expedit and Besta systems -- that we wanted to answer publicly as they may be very useful to you. If you have any questions (or pictures of your own PANYL ingenuity), don't hesitate to send them along.

Question: Does PANYL work with the normal Besta door panels or only with the Besta Tombo door panels?

Answer: PANYL works with all doors and drawers in the Besta system, so there aren't any limitations on how you can use it. The Vara doors are the obvious choice to pair with PANYL because they are so cheap. Unfortunately, only the Besta Tombo glass doors are currently listed on because our current website code cannot support the large number of size/color combinations with the Vara doors. However, you can place orders with us directly for PANYL that is cut to fit Vara doors. Here's a quick pricing chart.


Question: We are working on an office project and are planning to use Expedit bookcases as space dividers. We are looking to find a way to create backs for the bookcase shelves and thought that doing so with your product might be a good solution.

Answer: We very often do use PANYL on the exterior backs of the IKEA Expedit shelf and drawer inserts when using them as room dividers as well as on the door and drawer fronts themselves. Since the PANYL is only on the backs of the inserts, you get a nice square/grid color pattern on the opposite side. However, if you are just looking to create one large backing behind the Expedit, leaving the shelves open in the front, then you can certainly use PANYL, either for the interior back wall of the shelf, or on the opposite side facing outward. Just make sure that whatever sheet material you use to close off the back side of the Expedit is made of Melamine or some other hard, impermeable surface. If the surface you are covering is wider than 48" in any dimension, you will need to do a butt-joint, which is very simple.