Behind-the-Scenes at a PANYLshoot: INSTALLATION

This is the second in a series of three short PANYLblog posts about a photo shoot we did last weekend in Brooklyn to help customers and readers better understand the newly-introduced PANYL-by-the-foot, custom-cut PANYL, "hack packs," and other products and services we intend to roll out. Check out the first post, on MATERIALS, here.

In a sense, INSTALLATION is the lifeblood of the PANYL concept. It's a product built for DIYers, for people who want to take control of their environment, to harness their designer's mind and create something that is uniquely them. The How-To Guide on our site is a solid foundation, but ultimately nothing can replace the moment when the mail comes and a bounty of color and shape awaits the dedicated creator.

As mentioned in post numero uno, depending on the surface you are PANYLing, application, removal and re-application is very much a possibility without "generation loss." A great illustration of this was the Micke desk which we wanted to shoot two different ways using just one piece of PANYL pre-cut for stripes. 

We started with this diagonal split design on the Micke drawer created by lining up several strips of stripe adjacent each other.

After capturing that, we began to convert the Micke drawer into stripe formation by removing individual strips of stripe and re-placing them to mark off precision widths between strips.

As you can see, the reapplication process leaves no sign of "re-use." It merely requires that you take your time and do your thang (remembering, of course, that certain surfaces may be more or less prone to multiple re-applications). Repeating this process, we wound up with a lovely striped Micke drawer to photograph.

We hope that these new products enable anyone and everyone to find the perfect design for their space, their piece, and their personality. Any questions!? Need clarification? Drop us a line at info[at] --