Behind-the-Scenes at a PANYLshoot: MATERIALS

Last weekend we had a photo shoot in Brooklyn. The plan? To help customers and PANYLblog readers better understand the newly-introduced PANYL-by-the-foot, custom-cut PANYL, "hack packs," and other products and services we intend to roll out.  This is the first of three behind-the-scenes posts from our two days on set.

One thing that strikes you most when you're working with PANYL is the texture it has.  Both woodgrains -- like Limed Oak (pictured at top on a Micke desk), or the lighter Pale Oak (below on Besta Vara) and solid colors can create a surprising sense of dimension and life.

Here's a photo of PANYL in Robin's Egg blue, cut on the diagonal for an Expedit door front. The view of the border material can start to give you a sense of PANYL's thickness and density.  It's a very hard, yet flexible, skin-like surface (think leather meets Formica).

You can apply it and then reposition it, or remove it to re-apply in another manner later depending on the type of surface you've applied it to (more on that in our next post about INSTALLATION).  This should give you a broad sense of the durability and unique functionality you get out of this material.  Next is a set of PANYL stripes, applied below to an IKEA MALM dressing table.   The precision, laid-out cuts mean its about a 10-minute application.

This photo shoot may have lacked lovely models, but it did have one incredibly "adorbs" burnt orange baby doe…