The Beauty of Gray

Just ask Eeyore, it ain't easy being gray. Okay, so that may actually be Kermit's bone to pick with green, but that doesn't change the fact that gray isn't as easy to work with as one might assume. Despite being the definition of neutral, individual shades of gray can be quite complex, producing different results in different settings.  Just a few squares down the palette, from charcoal gray to a lighter shade with hints of blue, and the finished product could vary from paranoid agoraphobia to an airy room perfect for a cup of tea and an afternoon book.

It's one of our favorite topics to tackle so as color blogs have begun to employ the palette more and more, we noticed the uptick. Just last month, on a rainy East Coast day, we were feeling gray on this very blog.

But let's get down to the nitty gritty here.  How to harness the beauty of gray?

Enter popular design blog Houzz which breaks down the color values of red, green and blue (RGB) within the family of grays and offers advice on making paintings pop on a wall painted in a darker shade. Slightly more straightforward, Designer Marketplace offers 5 Rules of Thumb for working with grays.

Not included in either of these fantastic posts is an absolute truth about gray: one should always consider PANYL's pewter (pictured above) and brushed aluminum (below) finishes when designing one's room.  Should one not!?

BONUS for 90's buffs. The band Live performing "The Beauty of Gray" while looking extra buff in Germany in 2007.

(Note: This post was created without any uncomfortable "50 Shades of Grey" jokes)