How the Internet Works (DIY Chevron Edition)

One of the seemingly obvious yet most savvy ways for your business to make the most of the Internet space is to participate in the dialogue surrounding your product online. You don't do this simply by answering questions when they're posed to you or by amplifying the good press you get, you do it by creating contributions to the conversation. That is one of the main functions of the PANYLblog, so we love seeing other folks with a like-minded approach.

One example we stumbled upon this morning is the Ben Franklin Crafts & Frame Shop in Bonney Lake, Washington. Perusing one of our go-to sources, Decor Hacks, we saw the red, white and black duct tape chevron that Ben Franklin put on their blog (pictured above). As DH points out, "the chevron trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere," and that's just fine with us.

The premise of this DIY chevron for Ben Franklin Crafts & Frame Shop (click through above for instruction) is that all of the materials you would need to create this picture frame backdrop are available at their store. And look at the result: one design blog spotted and posted their project, presumably driving traffic to their blog and hopefully generating some store visitors for them. Now another blog -- little old us -- has posted it. And so it goes...