Happy Hour Hacks: EXPEDIT as MiniBar

A noticeable trend in the IKEA hacking world has been to reconfigure the Expedit unit into a minibar. Considering our three-headed affection for IKEA, hacking and alcohol, a PANYLblog post on the matter is required. Thus!

This sexy beast is equipped with glowing blue lights that light it from within. It bridges the gap between bachelor and DIY design star and includes a raised LAGAN countertop. Instruction and more photos HERE.

Another find with glowing blue lights is fashioned as a modern corner piece. A great feature of this posh hotel hack is how it hides its wiring and power strip.

We found a taller variation on Pinterest that plays a debonair role, especially with the wine glasses suspended inside the top unit and the wine bottle holders at the base.

The sleeper in this group is the traditional, country home white Expedit bar (pictured at top) from DecorPad. It's less of a minibar per se and more of an all-purpose serving station slash mixology center. Can't you just imagine pretty little porcelain trays with hummus and guacamole on this thing!?

Two words: we can.