For The Love of Vinyl: Striped Floors

When it comes to patterned flooring, checkerboards, parkay and tile usually get most of the winks and blushes. For the love of vinyl, where's the affection for stripes!? Well, It seems to be growing since the pastel wonder found in Kate Spade stores (pictured below) has inspired more than a few DIY designers to tackle stripes like a lion wrangling a zebra.

Anyone who has ever used tape to paint around window trim knows the pitfalls of that process. The lines bleed. Ugh! Do they ever bleed. The tape peels. Ugh! Does it ever peel. The paint doesn't match the swatches. Ugh! (you get the point).

So when we stumbled across a suggestion by Sensational Color to use vinyl tape as the finished product itself (and not just as a tool to marking off stripes) our hearts did the bleeding. The resulting color lines are clean enough to eat off

Pictured above is "the artist Jim Lambie in the home of Tim Nye, the bon vivant, Park Avenue heir and Chelsea gallery owner."