String Theory

We love IKEA with the entirety of our (he)art, but Sweden has more to offer the world of interior design than just the blue and gold standard. Case in point: The String Shelf. Designed by Nils Strinning, these units turn storage into wall pieces with the ability to adapt to aesthetics of all kinds. Their catalog is extensive but we've pulled a couple of our faves to highlight below

Cell Shelf There's an airy quality to this particular unit that's all about minimalism and detail. The beaded "string" used to tie it all together has such a light touch, it really allows whatever goes on the shelves to shine. It's as if the stacks of paper are wearing jewelry.

String Plex We're particularly fond of the walnut display cabinets, but the black and white versions are equally gorgeous. It's not just the books lining these shelves that make the String Plex look so intelligent, it's inherently in the design.

String System (pictured at top) Every garage needs sturdy wall units to store all the tools it takes to be a responsible homeowner, but not every garage deserves shelving this spectacular. Turning the scaffolding-like norm on its head, the String System provides a versatility and functionality that would be the envy of any room.