PANYLhacks: Chevrons 2 (In Robin's Egg Blue)

When we did our initial Chevron PANYLhack we viewed it as somewhat of an experiment, not so much in terms of design but as a way to gauge reader reaction to us hacking our own products before many people had even had a chance to try out our pre-cut pieces. We knew we'd be unveiling PANYL-by-the-foot and we weren't comfortable doing so without getting our own hands dirty for you guys first.

What ensued was encouraging as we saw the image used on blogs who were covering us in lieu of other glossy, studio product shots. That was a delight.

So we're back with another incarnation of the Chevron hack (above), this one as an inlay in a child's Expedit TV bookcase surrounded by trinkets and toys. Where the previous Chevron hack acted as an attention-grabber in the foreground, this hack shows how a custom-cut PANYL finish can be used in the background, almost as a kind of "furniture wallpaper," something that has been popping up online more and more.

If you're on Pinterest, pin this Robin's Egg Blue hack HERE.