Brownstoner Kitchen Cabinet PANYL Complete

PANYL Brownstoner kitchen

A while back, popular Brooklyn website Brownstoner previewed the PANYLing of their kitchen and this week, the project reached completion!

From their post:

As you may recall, the Park Slope-based start-up offered to give us a free makeover to demonstrate its proprietary approach to IKEA hacking. We’d installed IKEA kitchen cabinets when we were renovating back in 2005 and had grown tired of the faux-wood finish. Mrs. B ended up selecting an orange for the upper units and went with a dark gray for the lowers. We were a little nervous about the bold call but gotta say we’re loving the result. For the fainter of heart, there are lots of other colors and finishes to choose from on the company’s website.

Naturally, we're happy that they're happy. What's more, the post gave Brownstoner readers the opportunity to raise some important questions about the PANYL product, the material it's made of (and how it compares to contact paper), and the longevity and application process. One of our co-founders, Dan Goldman, dove into the comments section with the answers to those questions:

Thanks to everyone for weighing in on the PANYLization of the Brownstoner kitchen. Color choices can be pretty personal, but PANYL lets you make whatever choice you want without the usual cost, effort or eternal commitment. Thankfully nobody has done anything thoroughly hideous with PANYL yet. (When someone does, we'll be sure to blog about it!) 

PANYL is totally different from contact paper. It's an architectural-grade material that's specifically for interior surfaces and furniture. So, it’s thicker and much more durable than anything you’re used to – it’s rated to last 10 years for interior use. Though it has a realistic texture and grain, it won’tfade, peel or scratch under normal conditions. It can even be used outside. The adhesive is not permanent. One side is very tacky so that it hugs the surface extremely closely, yet the material still can be removed when pulled back firmly. After removal the original surface will look like new, as long as it was smooth, hard and impermeable to begin with (This should take care of Heather's landlord.) 

PANYL Brownstoner kitchen

As far as costs go, IKEA Harligdoors + PANYL for this kitchen would cost $290 more than IKEA Nexus doors and $722 less than IKEA Abstrakt doors. And you get 34 finish choices now, with more to come.  This material is often used on cruise ships and yachts because it's so much lighter, less expensive and faster to install than custom mill work. But we will have our work cut out for us (pun intended) explaining the differences and benefits, given that most of us don't spend that much time on cruise ships or yachts.

We encourage all of our customers who have used PANYL to comment on this post over at Brownstoner!  Let's show Brooklyn that calling PANYL "contact paper" is like casually referring to a Ferrari as a "car"!