We've Been Hacked!

Or have we!? This lovely Apartment Therapy post about an IKEA Besta hack mentions PANYL:

With this new appreciation toward such decorative elements, it seemed fitting to dial back the techno-modern a bit and infuse some much-needed color into the space. I looked at contact paper and PANYL, and myKea options, but nothing really grabbed me. I wanted bold bright green tones I couldn't find anywhere, and realized this project was going to have to go the full-custom DIY route.

We applaud the author's DIY approach to applying "self-adhesive lime green vinyl sheets" using "a t-square as a squeegee" (pictured above), straight out of step 7 of our How-To apply PANYL guide.

It was really sweet to read about an individual who had a clear vision, considered several options for reaching their goal, and ultimately did a DIY version of what we are aiming to facilitate.  Perhaps we'd better find us some high-gloss green!

Mr. Chris Perez's finished product appears below.