"You can do it!"

We've all had the experience before: You've purchased something that requires assembly. You have razor sharp focus on the task at hand. You're going to make an afternoon out of putting this sucker together, top to bottom.

You're visualizing your room complete with it in it; trinkets on the left, lamp on the right; bucket of blankets back in place; cell phone charger tucked discretely behind. You're basically the Olympic champion of night stands.

But suddenly, once you get to work, the assembly process is harder than you thought it would be. You try to battle through but, in the end, you're deflated. It isn't "the greatest day of your life" anymore.

Don't worry. PANYL won't let that happen to you.  Introducing...


Here's the deal. All of PANYL's products are pretty easy compared to building sets for Cirque du Soleil or going back to AP calculus. But we know you might need more than just our word on this. So we added the Difficulty Meter.   When you're apprehensive...there's the Difficulty Meter.  When you're dying for a challenge...there's the Difficulty Meter.

Click through our line to see what ranks where on the continuum of you doing awesome things. Our favorite difficulty level, naturally, is "You can do it!"