Our Giant, Moveable Worktable Hack Kinda Went Viral on Friday

When we built our Giant, Moveable IKEA Expedit Worktable Hack what we meant was it was a big piece of furniture that could roll around the office and display the potential for using PANYL to a versatile end. But, on Friday, it turned into a big piece of furniture that was rolling around the Internet.

It was a joy to see Apartment Therapy, having spotted the hack on Ikea Hackers, light a fire under this worktable's brackets, calling it "a very user friendly work station" that is "worth noting," despite Expedit being "so commonplace, it is unusual for it to draw attention." Thanks to AT's reach, our maiden hackage wound up on LifeHacker (another site we adore and follow), who called it "a cool workstation that doesn't seem any harder to put together than your standard IKEA furniture."

From there it was bloggregated to Wired, Join Brooklyn, Regator, and Pinterest!

We are thrilled to see the fruits of our labor popping up across the design community and want to thank everyone who has posted, shared and pinned pics of it. Our next hack is on the way…