Coop De Ville

For many animal rights (and human health) activists, the move away from factory farming and back to the good old days of free roaming chickens, cows and pigs simply isn't happening fast enough. McDonald's may have switched to free range eggs in Britain and Australia, but what about the largest consumer of their Egg McMuffin…the "Americans?"

Well, Williams-Sonoma, typically known for clutch kitchen and house wares, has made a move that will surely excite the most ardent DIYers (but probably have no effect on fast food's brutal farming practices, unfortunately). With an agrarian focus, W-S released high-end chicken coops, beehives, seeds and mushroom logs. The chicken coops are particularly impressive —perfect for a mid-sized backyard, priced under $1000 and designed with Williams-Sonoma's notable attention to detail.  

MINT GREEN!?! That's what the cluck we're talking about!

Originally hatched at Inhabitat