Lack Hack Bonanza

IKEA's series of Lack coffee tables may be its most ubiquitous item for a multitude of reasons. They are efficient, inexpensive and highly versatile. These are likely the same reasons the Lack has been an object of hacking desire as well.

Babble recently pulled together five hacks specifically for Lack tables, ranging from the youthful exuberance of a colored tape design (above) to the intricacy of braided rope.

We really got a kick out of the "Lack Ottoman," (below) because it's literally just a pillow on a table and it totally works. Who knew!?

Apartment Therapy also has a Lack Hack post featuring 10 renditions and Ikea Hacker featured an upholstered Lack coffee table hack earlier this spring.

Check out this...uh...rather bookish Lack hack we found searching Google: