Tone Home: Mutli-Colored Cabinetry Can Take a Room High or Low

A sample kitchen adorned with various PANYL finishes.

Once again, the sorcerers of trend have cast a spell on us as we follow up Monday's post about alternative cabinets with another post about...that's right...ALTERNATIVE CABINETS!

Apartment Therapy noted how en vogue bi-color cabinets seem to be.   We find this encouraging considering that PANYL gives designers and DIYers the flexibility to explore fresh color palettes that would otherwise be impractical, e.g. ordering a single kitchen cabinet door in each of 23 colors; prohibitively expensive, e.g. ordering a single kitchen cabinet door in each of 23 colors; or both, e.g. ordering a single kitchen cabinet -  OK OK OK I'm shutting up with that joke!   (The best part is that with PANYL, ordering all 23 doors in one color or different colors costs more or less he same.  But let's get back to Apartment Therapy.)

A couple pics from the Apartment Therapy post:

Kim from @AptTherapy explains that a strong bottom color can "anchor the room without overpowering it." This is adept design advice, yet the opposite can be true as well.  Color can give new height to a room when it's focused up top, as in the PANYL'd kitchen cabinet layout pictured above or the preview of Brownstoner's kitchen (below) which is receiving the PANYL treatment as we Tweet.

Everyday it seems the design fairy is leaving another colorful tooth on our pillow as a reminder to hurry up and get some on the electronic shelves.  (Our IKEA-spec kitchen cabinet PANYLs are not yet available online, so contact us for information). 

What you can already do with PANYL, though, is mix and match our finishes to create one-of-a-kind combinations on BESTA, EXPEDIT, FRAMSTA and EKBY. Here's an IKEA BESTA installation PANYL'd in Thunder with the IKEA FRAMSTA flat-panel TV mount and wall panels adorned with Pale Oak PANYLs: