Dark Gray Friday

It's raining in Brooklyn today (the city some of us call "office"), so we got to perusing our Dark Gray Pinterest board. No, this isn't some kind of color palette-related sadism, it's just us taking in our surroundings and getting inspired. April showers bring May…showers…right!?

What? You're not in the mood (board) for bad jokes?


In fact, lately we've been seeing a tremendous array of color blogs creating palettes that use gray to great avail.  Design Seeds is especially deft at creating palettes around themes, such as feathered tones (above), shelled tones, culinary tones, urchin tones and packaged hues.

When it's a dark gray kind of day, there is a chance to see colors in a new way and for colors that otherwise might not be big or bright to pop through the clouds and drizzle. All you have to do is look close.

For some symbolism, psychology and history of the color gray, check out this Sensational Color post.