Homedit Catches On to IKEA Hacking

Part of the reason the PANYLblog exists is to celebrate those forehead-slapping moments when people realize how easy (and cost effective) it is to transform what they thought was a "temporary" piece of IKEA furniture into something permanent, magical...even "must-have." We're all designers now, so it's rewarding to see newcomers take the #DIY train to new places without tracks. recently slapped its own forehead (and patted PANYL on the back) in a post rounding up some stylish IKEA hacks floating around the web. Included were a done-up dresser (below) and a cooled-out cubby (above).

But if we know you, Dear Reader, we know no number of big home decor sites catching on to the wonders of #DIY hacking will keep you from getting giddy every time a bookshelf turns into a bench, or a bench into a bookshelf.