Sometimes it feels as if the trends just ATTACK you!

You see one thing, then you see another thing kinda like that first thing, and then you see a third thing kinda like those other two things. Such has been the case this week with space-saving creations fashioned out of light wood. There is just something about the freshness of light wood, about its unprocessed beauty, that screams "use me for something really efficient, guys!"

Just hours after we posted the light wood bike rack/bookshelf/shoe cubby thingy, another amazing, space-saving, light wood invention appeared on the Twitter-dar: DESKBOX by Raw Edges.

To truly grasp the space-saving mastery of this wall-mounted desk-slash-storage-unit with the most efficient of names, you should click through to Dezeen, but it is also easily explained. When it's open, it's a desk. When it's closed, it's a box. Capiche?

Such exciting times for design.