Black & White PANYL Chevrons on IKEA Expedit

Last week we posted our first PANYLhack, an example of how to use our soon-to-be-available PANYL "hack packs" to create a custom stripe pattern (on Expedit, below) for the IKEA pieces we have thus far only offered pre-cut PANYLs for.

This week we took the stripes one further and created a custom chevron for an Expedit unit (photo above). Chevrons are surging in decor circles and have been showing up everywhere from the bathroom floor, to the living room window and the back yard. Now (well, soon...) you'll be able to create your own, one-of-a-kind chevron design -- in the colors of your choosing, no less -- for a fraction of the cost of finding one in a vintage shop or nouveau web store.