Tri Me.

Consider yourself notified: triangles are trending.

Everybody's favorite (and only) three-sided shape has been surging in the new you-can-too design environment, as a recent Sewing 101 post on Design Sponge indicates. Author Brett Bara says the triangle trend is being shipped into the home from the graphic design world and we couldn't be more equilaterally excited about it. Check out this awesome kitchen design using triangles to an almost American Indian end:

The blog which originally posted this, Varpunen, deals quite a bit in sharp geometric contrast and is worth a click through.

If you don't feel like tackling Design Sponge's patchwork quilt-making you can grab the "Process Color Triangle" print, pictured above, from Etsy.  Soon we'll be rolling out our PANYL "hack packs" that will include triangle options as well!