Aakash Nihalani's Geometric Thrill Ride

Interactive art websites can be the pits. There's always another panel to click, another hidden link, another confusing riddle or glitchy "Early Works" viewer between me and the pretty pictures I have allotted the next 28.4 seconds to scroll through before my phone beeps again. I mean, am I the only one with a laptop fan that sounds like a 737 and an email inbox counter in the triple digits!?!

Thankfully, the simple charm of Aakash Nihalani's homepage let my laptop chill and brought a sudden smile to my face. There's no point in ruining the subtle surprise, so you'll have to click through for the goodies, but the words "geometric thrill ride" come to mind. The true highlight is Nihalani's "outdoor" and "collab" works using fluorescent tape and wheatpaste. These pieces appear to navigate the same neon trends we've been documenting on our "Neons, Neutrals & Wood" Pinterest board. Many of these highlighted neon works feature thin line work and exhibit the increasingly common splash-of-color approach to designing in cold or natural environments.