"This is not a TV. And it's not a piece of furniture, either."

Did you hear?  IKEA'S MAKING A TV!!!!

 According to their endearing web ad for the new UPPLEVA device, it's not a TV, but it sort of is, but it also isn't.

Naturally, the blogosphere went crazy. Curbed laid out the specs

Aside from the pristine, modern, obviously Apple-esque design, the UPPLEVA, which is co-produced by China's TCL Multimedia, comes stocked with a bunch of groovy tech features: a built-in HDTV and Blu-ray/DVD player, 2.1 surround sound, a wireless subwoofer, WiFi capability, and a bunch of USB and HDMI inputs that might otherwise create a moshpit of cables if the unit itself wasn't equipped to sleekly tuck them away.

…and Mashable likened the new prodüct to an iPod, suggesting IKEA is a surprise entrant into the forthcoming living room sweepstakes:

We all know that Microsoft and Apple, among others, have been targeting the living room as the next battleground for years, but who would have thought that Ikea might actually be a player as well?

UPPLEVA translates to "experience" and will come in four sizes (24"-46"). We love it, especially if it works with FRAMSTÅ!

Now we just have to figure out where to PANYL it.