You've all seen laptops in unattractive carrying cases or covered with stickers form bands that no longer even exist. Both approaches fall short, landing somewhere between 'should have studied harder' and 'failed to RSVP.'  SInce today is shaping up to be "Wood Grain Wednesday" on  PANYLblog (see "Contact High") we figured we might as well share the queen of all computer get-ups: Fine and Feathered's classy, somehow-dollar-store-driven, contact paper Wood Grain MacBook


When you can't afford a shiny new laptop, cleaning up the old one with #DIY ingenuity is the route to word processing enlightenment. Josie, the mind behind Fine and Feathered, is not only detailed in her presentation ("to start, go ahead and power off your laptop and take out the battery so you're free to work on it without any worries") but flexible as well ("If you don't have a round edge laptop, or just don't want your cover to "bleed over" you can also just take the measurements of the area that you want to cover and cut it out before you apply it.") 

Just make sure to goo-be-gone that Blind Melon bumper sticker before classing the place up!

HOW TO: #DIY Wood Grain Laptop