Quite Possibly the Greatest Ikea Hack of All Time

There are #IkeaHacks and then there are Ikea Hacks, which shame the word hack into a dark corner. Matthew Fickett's "Desk With Meters" is the latter.

Simply named and with a simple mission -- to "get all my computer equipment and cables off the floor...and leave my work surface completely clear" -- Fickett's desk is a triumph of spare parts and analog gadgetry.  If "upcycling" is all the rage, Fickett has entered the realm of strato-cycling.

This custom piece of awesomeness blows right past eleven, with a horde of of analog meters -- usually used to monitor electricity -- modified to track Internet speed, CPU power and RAM usage.  LED lights and hidden compartments dot the magical administrative landscape.   One thing is for sure: no one is going to be referring to Fickett as a hack.