Introducing Ekby and Pre-PANYL



We're excited to announce PANYL for IKEA EKBY shelves.  This is our most accessible product yet. Shelves are a universal product - everybody needs them.  Which is why we are so continually disappointed at how little variety exists in terms of the finishes available for  simple shelving.  If you want anything besides white, black and brown, you are pretty much going to need to pay a carpenter or a cabinet maker to do something custom, unless you are willing to paint them.  However, even with paint it will be very hard to match the waterproof, cleanable, abrasion-resistant, chip-proof factory-type finish that PANYL provides.

The other reason EKBY + PANYL is accessible is the price.  Ekby Jarpen shelves are $9.99 for the 31" length, and $14.99 for the 47" length, while the brackets are $10 and $15 respectively.  This means that for a total of $50-$70 per shelf you can have custom shelves to match almost any design direction.

We're also announcing another new twist:  Pre-PANYL.   For an additional charge, you can order shelves with the PANYL already on it.  We will also be introducing pre-PANYL for some of our other products, and will announce it when we do.

The thinking behind pre-PANYL is two-fold.  First, although PANYL is a simple concept and the installation process is both straightforward and forgiving, it can be more difficult when applying larger pieces or when wrapping around corners.  Although it gets much easier the more you practice, we recognize that nobody wants to risk ruining a $60 sheet of vinyl in the name of practice!

The second reason is convenience.  Some people are pressed enough for time that they don't feel like doing the installation themselves.  Other people don't live close to an IKEA.  So for these people we want to be a one-stop shop.

We hope you like the rainbow of Ekby colors we've assembled.  As always, please ask questions and give us your feedback!  And please sign up for our newsletter so you can be the first to learn when new products launch!


As of January 10th, 2013, we are discontinuing our pre-PANYL option.  The reason? Hardly anyone selected it, which means you never even needed it.  Shame on us for underestimating you, our customers!