Get the look of CB2's Stella Cabinet Using PANYL and IKEA GODMORGON


PANYL IKEA-jacked Godmorgon CB2 Stella Cabinet

About a year and a dozen hacks after we launched PANYL we decided to try something new with the concept of IKEA furniture modification. We wanted to show people that the power of PANYL was not only in the design flexibility it offers, but in the cost-saving doors it can open.  So we unveiled the ODDA hackpack (what we referred to as "IKEA jacking" rather than "IKEA hacking"), wherein we recreated the look and feel of a $1199 West Elm dresser using a $99 IKEA ODDA unit and some woodgrain PANYL.  To date it's been our most popular item.

Though we don't yet have another IKEA-jack ready for you to purchase, we have been keeping the creative cost-saving juices flowing.  Some warehouse tinkering by resident materials expert Hedmanuel has resulted in this new recreation of CB2's lovely Stella Cabinet (retail $399), using the IKEA GODMORGON 2-door wall cabinet in stained oak ($99) and strips of PANYL in Robin's Egg, Hot Pink, Red Hot, Ebony and Lemon Drop (roughly $35 value).  That's a $265 cost savings (with a little extra storage space thrown in for good measure) from the original CB2 piece.

The process, as you can imagine, was quite simple.  We simply cut the different PANYL finishes into what CB2 refers to "bold bands of color" and applied them one by one in the V formation.  The contrast of the bright hues against the stained wood is striking, a real combination of classic and cool.  

But this concept need not be restricted to the GODMORGON or any other vertical cabinet for that matter.  Stacking color strips of any shade, tilted at any grade, can achieve a fun and ferocious look.  

So if you're inspired by this DIY cabinet makeover, head over to the PANYL store, fill your cart by-the-foot in the appropriate colors, and sharpen that exacto knife. It's cuttin' time.

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