Listicle Love: PANYL Appears on BuzzFeed!

In 2014, the holy grail of online articles is the listicle.  And there is perhaps no site which can claim to have created this ticket to viral fame as much as Buzzfeed, the fun and diverse blog turned booming web business.

So it was with pockets full OMG's that we discovered PANYL had been BUZZed last week, in a post about IKEA customization.  The fine folks of Feed listed several of their favorite PANYL products in a post that also put the spotlight on ThisIsMykea:

They sell pre-cut decals to decorate the most popular Ikea furnishings (like the BILLY bookshelf that graces the homes of every living human ages 18 to 36*). Each set of decals is available in a variety of options and colors, and they’re a breeze to install.

Have a look!