IKEA 2015 Catalog Released. PANYLing Opportunities Abound.

The 2015 IKEA catalog has been released, with a focus on the bed and bath, two of the more personal and private spaces in our lives.  And while buying something only to immediately alter it might seem crazy, PANYL is all about personalization, so we've no choice but to suggest it!

As Patty Lobell, Sales Manager of IKEA U.S, told <i>Home Designing</i>:

"Everyone goes to sleep and wakes up, but everything in between those moments is very personal. We all have individual needs when it comes to our morning and evening routines."

Brainstorming design ideas with this new catalog in front of you is easy. IKEA is breaking out, for sure, but there is still room for a major color boost on many of their white pieces.

Take for example the GODMORGON/ODENSVIK bathroom set.  Clean white is lovely in a bathroom (especially if you keep it spiffy), but a little customization never hurt. Consider custom-cut PANYL Thunder or Pewter for a muted, modern take, or Sunburst and Red Hot for a flash.

IKEA Godmorgon Odensvik combo 2015

The same goes for the new DUKEN bed (above).  Match the blue of the knitted headboard with a strip of custom-cut PANYL Malibu or Bubblegum on the sideboard or footboard. The options are endless.

Download the full catalog and explore options of your own...